Saturday, April 19, 2014

Confirmation Of The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty For Criminals

The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty has been extended to every group of aliens.  My post on VDare detailed how the Administrative Amnesty slowly expanded as the opposition from RINOs did not appear, eventually reaching criminal aliens, that group of illegals that was supposed to be the "priority" of the Regime.  And information about the amnesty for criminal aliens has come hot and heavy since. And each day more information appears detailing the Administrative Amnesty for Criminal Aliens.

Debbie Schlussel April 9, 2014
EXCLUSIVE: Obama Won’t Deport Muslim Illegal Alien Convicted of Voter Fraud After Spending $$$s Beating Him in Court; ICE Agents Outraged has exclusively learned that the Obama Administration refuses to deport a Muslim illegal alien who was convicted of voter fraud, EVEN AFTER a Federal Court of Appeals (and every court before that) has ordered that he should be deported.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents are rightfully angry that, despite their hard work in investigating Asif Gulzar Pasha, a Pakistani national who voted illegally in North Carolina in 2004 and falsely claimed to be a U.S. citizen, he remains on U.S. soil. He’s living freely and snubbing his nose at them, even after the 11th Circuit U.S. Federal Court of Appeal ruled that he is guilty and ordered him deported (read the Court’s opinion). That was back in July 2012. In fact, Pasha bragged to ICE agents that he is still here and rubbed their noses in it. Pasha said that while the local ICE office was fighting to deport him, it was all for nothing because ICE Headquarters directed that Pasha NOT be deported and be left alone. HUH?
The Obama Administration has been claiming in documents and memos to ICE that only convicted felons are to be arrested and deported. But, as you know, that’s not what’s happening. And Pasha is yet another example. 

Note that this blog has documented the Regime's failure to deport legal aliens who vote illegally.

Also note, that the Regime has also decided to stop deporting illegal aliens who have been ordered deported but refused to leave.  Sources tell this blog that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Enforcement and Removal Operations (ICE ERO) is under instructions not to arrest aliens ordered deported but to tell any such aliens they encounter that they must self-deport in 30 days.  If encountered again, the alien must not be arrested, but told to leave in 30 days again.  Basically, deportation has ended.

Obama Regime Profiling

But the Regime is profiling whites, in this case white employers.

NRO April 9, 2014 by Jillian Kay Melchior
The IRS Of Labor
Alabama representative Martha Roby, a Republican from Montgomery, is concerned that the U.S. Department of Labor is targeting Southern vehicle and auto-parts manufacturers because of their failure to unionize.
Automotive manufacturers in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi are all now subject to in-depth inspections, part of an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regional emphasis program that went into effect on January 15. This increased scrutiny comes a year after the agency also issued a rule clarification in response to a question from organized labor, newly allowing union staffers to accompany OSHA officials on inspections to non-union sites...
Furthermore, when Labor Secretary Thomas Perez spoke at a congressional hearing, he used some odd — and arguably deceptive — data to justify the regional emphasis program on these southern manufacturers.
The reason we added this regional emphasis program is because when we see data and we have experiences showing there is a problem, then we put that emphasis in the areas where there is a problem,” Perez explained at a congressional hearing on April 2, claiming that Alabama’s auto-parts manufacturers in particular had seen about 4.5 occupational injuries per 100 workers, compared with the average of 3 per 100 nationwide.

So, if a profile fits a crime then it is legitimate.  This would be like profiling Mexicans, who make up the majority of illegal aliens in the United States?

More Vote Fraud By Aliens

Voter fraud continues in the Democrat campaign to turn Texas blue. (h/t Election Law Center)

Alice Echo News Journal April 15, 2014 by Julie Neal
Two Accused Of Voter Fraud In 2012 Election
Two Jim Wells County men were arrested for alleged voter fraud after the Attorney General's office found they were not eligible to vote.
An arrest warrant was issued last Thursday for Mark Homero Almaraz, 27, of San Diego and Benito Aranda Jr., 50, of Alice. It was signed by District Judge Richard Terrell.
The two men were arrested shortly after the warrant was issued and had bond set at $3,000 each.

The obvious suspects as usual for electing a new people.

Benito Aranda Jr.


Mark Homero Almaraz

In The Bad News Department: More Foreigners And Less Sex

Some months ago this blog reported on an ethno-state that works, the Land of the Rising Sun.  Japan is a nation that looks out for itself and its people, where the young, poor, and middle-classes have a real chance through hard work and common sense to prosper without have their jobs bid out to millions of aliens both legal and illegal to benefit the Slave Power.  Life for the majority of Japanese was never easy, Japan was always a poor nation until its industrialization in the 19th century and the peasant and urban classes were always literally in fear of their lives from the samurai class who held the power of death over subordinate classes.  Of course, the high IQ Japanese realized this could not go on in an industrial society and they adapted socially.  However, Japan at that time as well as today had a concept of itself as Japanese.  Unfortunately though, some Western innovations, such as birth control, were areas where Japan did not utilize its high IQ.  Soon after the Second World War, Japan was caught up in a Malthusian based fear of overpopulation that was supported by the American occupation authorities.  The result was a steadily declining birth rate that is having serious consequences today as Japan rapidly ages.

As an aside, I remember an anthropology professor at the 3rd tier California State University I attended who was quite full of himself for celebrating both Japanese supposed open attitude to sex prior to the war and their embrace of abortion as birth control after the war.  Interestingly enough the Japanese population decline occurred without oral contraceptives, but was and is abortion based.  Of course my 3rd tier anthropology professor's stories about Japanese village sexual activities of young unmarried people was really his childish attempt to epater la bourgeoisie by imitating Margaret Mead rather than any serious review of rural sexual practices in Japan, more in line with the lies in Coming of Age in Samoa, than any serious ethnographic work.  This professor also enthusiastically endorsed Japan's efforts at population control after the war.  Of course, there did not seem to be a problem in the immediate aftermath when things were bad or when Japan led the world decades later in production of autos and electronics.  What he did not tell his students circa the 1980s was that village youths who got pregnant then got married and bore children.  Which is supposed to be how the whole sex thing works out.  Of course, he was appealing to horny young adults looking for an endorsement of the sexual revolution.  He was unable to see the day when Japan would not have enough children to take care of their parents.

However, the below replacement level of the population has developed into a real problem and makes this writer's former professor at a 3rd tier state university look real bad and things are getting worse:

Business Insider By Megan Willet October 21, 2013
Almost Half Of Young Japanese Women Are Not Interested In Sex
A new report from The Guardian's Abigail Haworth quotes a shocking statistic from the Japan Family Planning Association (JFPA) that 45% of Japanese women aged 16-24 "were not interested in or despised sexual contact."
Twenty-five percent of Japanese men feel the same way, according to the JFPA.
The statistic comes from Haworth's recent article about how more and more young people in Japan have stopped having sex — bad news for Japan's population crisis, given the country's already low birth rate and the projection that its population of 126 million is expected to plunge 30% by 2060.

And the problem is about to get worse.  Japanese politicians are looking to immigrants, rather than their own people for the solution.

The Japan Times March 26, 2014
Japan’s Ruling Party Calls For More Foreign Workers
A panel of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party issued an interim report Wednesday calling on the government to boost the number of foreign workers in the country.
To accomplish this, the Headquarters for Japan’s Economic Revitalization is pushing for improvements in the on-the-job training program for people from developing countries and regions.

However, the Japanese appear willing and able to limit the impact of immigration by keeping it in strict bounds.

Introduced in 1993, the program currently allows foreign workers to receive job training in Japan for up to three years.
The panel’s report calls for allowing such stays to be extended by about two years if both employer and trainee are willing.
The panel proposed making it easier for foreign workers to re-enter Japan and making the job training program more convenient for employers.
The panel believes it necessary to make more use of skilled foreign workers because Japan’s working-age population is declining.
The report adds that active discussions should be held on allowing non-Japanese to work in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors for short periods, and as household helpers.

It appears that the Japanese have not been completely intimidated by the Internationale and are limiting the number and duration of temporary immigrants.  This is by far wiser than the European and American policy of importing not workers, but populations, and then hoping that some of the immigrants will work.  It also appears that high-skilled labor is not part of the Japanese immigration plan, but are restricting it to low-end manual labor and household help for the elderly.

But the threat remains from international cultural Marxists who want to change Japan.  One hopes the Japanese take up this challenge with their samurai spirit and ethno-nationalism. Ganbate Kudasai Nippon! The eyes of America's patriots turn to you.  A wiser policy would encourage marriage and child rearing among one's own people rather than importing what will be in the end only problem stained immigrants.  Population control, despite its endorsement by 3rd tier anthropology professors, is the death of one's nation.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

More Accusations Of Racism On Cue From Chinese Gangster

Or, more precisely, his Red Diaper attorney, Tony Serra.  The only defense that  Kwok Cheung, also known as Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, is avoiding the issue of the crimes he committed.  The best distraction is of course an accusation of racism, which is the equivalent of a guilty plea.

SFGate by Bob Egelko April 8, 2014
FBI Entrapped Raymond 'Shrimp Boy' Chow, Lawyer Says
As state Sen. Leland Yee and his codefendants pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges of political corruption, gun-running and other crimes financed by payoffs from undercover agents, a lawyer for one defendant accused the FBI of entrapment and racism.
"The government created the crime, the government financed the crime, and the government ensnared my client," Tony Serra, lawyer for Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, told reporters after 21 defendants were arraigned in federal court. "We will put the government rightfully on trial..."  
The investigation was fueled, he contended, by "unadulterated racism," an effort to show that "Chinese gangsters ... control Chinatown."

Serra is confident in victory, but that is unlikely.  Serra for all his bluster and reputation, is notorious for losing cases.

"It's a bunch of baloney," Serra said, calling the impending trial "the best antigovernment case I've seen in maybe a decade."

More likely is that Chow will make another plea deal with the government, just as he did when he testified against his predecessor in the Wo Hop To Triad, Peter Chong. Chow also is the beneficiary of the gangland slaying of Allen Leung, reputed leader of the Hung Moon Ghee Kong Tong, a traditional anti-Manchu Chinese social organization that provides a respectable front for Triad gangsters.

The Press Democrat/Associate Press March 28, 2014
FBI Sting Shows San Francisco Chinatown Underworld
The organization is among dozens of active tongs, or family associations, in Chinatown, and Chow assumed control when its former president, Allen Leung, was shot to death by a masked gunman at his import-export store in 2006, said David Lee, director of the Chinese American Voters Education Committee.

Given Serra's bad lawyering, expect Shrimp Boy to rat again.  Shrimp Boy is a survivor, he survived the infamous Golden Dragon Massacre, expect him to tell all on Leland Yee.  The only question is will Shrimp Boy ever be deported.

To paraphrase Peter Brimelow, as a prosecutor, you know you are winning when the defense attorney makes accusations of racism.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Regime Looking To Expand Criminal Alien Amnesty

The radical left and racist groups led by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus have been pressuring the Regime to expand the Administrative Amnesty for illegal aliens in the United States.  The radicals have succeeded in obtaining a commitment from the Regime to review deportation policies with the implicit goal of reducing deportations.  The problem is that the Regime has stopped deporting any non-criminal alien from the United States.  So in two stories, the Regime has not only confirmed this blogger's observations, but made it clear that criminal aliens will be the only available and primary beneficiary of the expansion of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

First, I will introduce you to the next beneficiary and poster boy of the soon to be announced Administrative Amnesty For Criminal Aliens, Ramon Mendoza Pascual.  

The Guardian by Rory Carroll April 10, 2014
Detained In Washington: 'They Put Me In Shackles. Why? I Am Not A Criminal'
“I am not free. They put me in shackles,” said Ramon Mendoza Pascual, 37, who’s been held at the centre since September 2013. “Why? l don't feel like a criminal. I'm not a criminal.”
The detention centre in Tacoma is one of the biggest in a nationwide network of 250 facilities that, together, are holding 34,000 people marked for deportation. It is also the crucible of a burgeoning protest campaign. Mendoza, an undocumented migrant from Mexico, has led hundreds of his fellow detainees in a series of hunger strikes that have triggered a similar protest at a centre in Texas and drawn attention to one of the most controversial links in the deportation chain.

Of course, Pascual is a liar.  He is a convicted criminal, a drunk driver, who escaped arrest and deportation after his first DUI offense, but after his arrest for his second offense, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Enforcement and Removal Operations (ICE ERO) had the temerity to place this long-time illegal alien in deportation proceedings.

He entered the US illegally 20 years ago to seek a better life, he said, and found it in the Pacific northwest – doing construction, buying a mobile home, marrying and raising three children, aged five, 10 and 12, all of whom are US citizens.
Last September he had a few beers and was arrested for driving under the influence. The charge was dropped – Mendoza claimed the vehicle was parked and his wife was coming to pick him up. He had been convicted of DUI in 2007, however, and police handed him to Ice, which categorised him “an illegal alien with a criminal record” and incarcerated him in Tacoma.

Pascual is leading a hunger strike to bring attention to his gamble for Administrative Amnesty and it appears that he will win that gamble as the new Regime policy on ending deportations will include criminal aliens with family in the United States.

WaPo April 10, 2014 by David Nakamura and Ed O'Keefe
As Reform Stalls, Administration Eyes Acting On Its Own To Ease Deportations, Lawmakers Say
The Obama administration is likely to take steps in coming weeks to ease the pace of deportations for some illegal immigrants while also considering much broader changes if GOP lawmakers continue to block immigration reforms, according to several House Democrats and aides, who met with the new homeland security secretary this week.
Administration officials say that no decisions have been made by President Obama, and cautioned that there are serious legal obstacles to bypassing Congress on immigration policies.

That is the same lie that Obama gave before the DACA amnesty.  And after the lies, then we get the Ramon Mendoza Pascual amnesty admission.

But members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and aides who were involved in a closed-door briefing with Homeland Security Secretary Jeh C. Johnson said they think the tide is shifting in favor of some unilateral action by the administration.
Johnson told the group that he had a series of “short-term goals” he hoped to address in coming weeks and that he would focus on “longer-term” issues later, after completing a comprehensive review ordered by Obama, participants said. Changes could include narrowing the definition of who should be deported under current policies, which have ensnared many immigrants with steady jobs and young families that have been arrested for relatively minor offenses.

There we have it.  One story describing an illegal alien as a steadily employed and with a family:

Mendoza, who was not so long ago a carpenter installing doors and windows in Seattle, has become one of the rallying points for a backlash that has rattled the White House...

He entered the US illegally 20 years ago to seek a better life, he said, and found it in the Pacific northwest – doing construction, buying a mobile home, marrying and raising three children, aged five, 10 and 12, all of whom are US citizens.

And the second story telling us that criminal aliens formerly employed and with family are on the table for an expanding Administrative Amnesty.

“We have an administration that has said, ‘There’s nothing I can do, there’s nothing I can do, there’s nothing I can do,’ ” said Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), an outspoken critic of the administration’s deportation policies. “Now, we’re sitting down with a homeland security secretary who’s saying, ‘I’m reviewing everything,’ and clearly he’s going to take steps.”

The next step should be impeachment, but don't expect anything from John Boehner.

ICE SVU Back To The Strip Clubs

In an defacto endorsement of the porn industry, U.S. Immigration and Customs Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) has teamed with strip clubs to fight what it calls trafficking, something that used to be called white slavery.  This was the interstate transportation of women for immoral purposes, prohibited by the Mann Act, and like the federal kidnapping statute, the Lindbergh Act, within the purview of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for enforcement.  ICE SVU which is unhappy with its statutory immigration law enforcement, is constantly seeking to expand its enforcement authority to the detriment of immigration law enforcement.

Chicago Tribune April 5, 2014 by Annie Sweeney
Feds, Strip Clubs Fighting Human Trafficking
It was a standard hotel conference room scene — slices of fresh fruit and muffins laid out next to coffee urns and bottles of water chilling on ice as the attendees straggled in, industry friends hugging hello and quickly catching up on personal lives.
The west suburban conference, though, was hardly typical, and before it got started a hotel manager, standing near TV cameras there to cover the event, even asked an organizer to leave his hotel chain's name out of remarks if possible.
The 100 or so attendees were dancers, doormen, valets and bartenders from six Chicago-area strip clubs. And they were there to meet with federal agents from the Department of Homeland Security about how they might offer help with a problem that has increasingly become a target of law enforcement investigations: sex trafficking.

All for naught though:

The training Dulin attended is part of a 3-year-old partnership between federal agents and the strip club industry that started after St. Louis-based club operator Michael Ocello found one of his clubs the target of a human trafficking investigation.
Though no charges came of it, Ocello said learning about the issue led him to reach out to federal law enforcement to offer his help. He has since organized a group called COAST — Club Operators Against Sex Trafficking — and has hosted more than 40 training sessions across the country, involving 200 clubs, run by Homeland Security agents and social service providers.

However, the continuing myth of sex trafficking has not stopped ICE SVU from pursuing this ethereal crime while ignoring real crimes like illegal alien dominated drug cartels in Chicago or illegal alien voters.

And the few victims appear to be predominately American citizens, just as most prostitutes in this country are American citizens.

Agents said U.S. citizens have been forced into trafficking as well through coercive measures.

Usually the crime of forcing a woman to turn tricks by an abusive pimp is in the jurisdiction of the local police department or the FBI if the woman is kidnapped or transported across State lines.  But ICE SVU is using this crime unrelated to immigration or customs law enforcement to not only poach on the FBI's turf, but to avoid fulfilling its statutory responsibility to arrest illegal aliens.